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GSP-2101 Patches

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[INFO:East Wind] [ (208k)] [SAP:eastwind.txt] East Wind
[INFO:Mega Tubes] [ (202k)] [SAP:megatubz.txt] Mega Tubes
[INFO:Radioactive Pick] [ (207k)] [SAP:radiopic.txt] Radioactive Pick
[INFO:Crunchy Jazz] [ (191k)] [SAP:crunchyj.txt] Crunchy Jazz
[INFO:Some Ol' Jazz Bum] [ (168k)] [SAP:jazzbum.txt] Some Ol' Jazz Bum
[INFO:Smooth Jazz] [ (267k)] [SAP:smojazz.txt] Smooth Jazz
[INFO:Saw] [ (370k)] [SAP:saw.txt] Saw
[INFO:Shimmer] [ (208k)] [SAP:shimmer.txt] Shimmer
[INFO:Spatial Crunch] [ (194k)] [SAP:spcrunch.txt] Spatial Crunch
[INFO:Slofield] [ (179k)] [SAP:slofield.txt] Slofield
[INFO:Velvet String] [ (137k)] [SAP:vlstring.txt] Velvet String
[INFO:Delaymania] [MP3:Not avaliable yet] [SAP:delmania.txt] Delaymania

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