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My Bastardcaster

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The Bastardcaster was my first electric guitar. I call it a Bastardcaster since it is assembled from various Ibanez and Fender parts. I have bought this guitar from my cousin in 1981, I think.

I was playing it for about 2 years til I got my GB-10 in 1983. Then I just kept it as a souvenir (actually, it would have been really hard to give it away).

After accquiring my first guitar synth (Roland GR-09) in 1995, I played it frequently again, since it was the only guitar I had at that time, that was suitable for installing the GK-2A synth pickup system.

In summer 1995 I noticed that the neck was alittle bit twisted, which is something you can't fix by adjusting the truss rod or whatever, so I replaced it with the Squire Strat, which now is my synth guitar and more.

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