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Ibanez "Joe Pass" JP-20

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I have bought this guitar from the "golden handshake" I received in 1986 when I was leaving the Air Force.

I was looking for a really warm sounding and fat hollow body guitar, and that's what I have got.

In the beginning there were some problems with this guitar. There was a loose contact in the pickup (there's just one). The "professionals" in the store, when I have bought it weren't able to find and fix it, so I decided to help myself. I took a huge soldering iron and soldered off the lid of the pickup, resoldered the contacts and the problem was fixed. I have never had any probems with that nice axe anymore.

Like I have said before, it sounds very warm and it plays great. I usually string it with .013s flat wounds or half rounds to obtain it's destinct sound.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 22. February 2006