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Vantage VS600B Fretless Bass

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Please don't tell it anybody, but I nearly became a bassist :))))

The friend who has shown my some guitar basics and actually made me start playing had a bass in the early '80's, which I have borrowed a couple of times to record some bass tracks on my 4-track recorder. I discovered that playing bass was fun and that I was able to play some "walking bass" lines.

On my first trip to the new world in 1984, I accquired this bass in a pawn shop in Toronto. The exchange rates were horrible, but it still was a good deal. I had played some "normal" basses and saw this fretless hanging on the wall. I nearly didn't dare to ask for it, since I was playing "in public" and had never played a fretless instrument before. Finally, I had the guts to try it out and it seemed not to be too difficult.

My first set of bass strings were signed by Ron Carter on a concert in the "Lush Life" in NYC - I'm still proud of that.

For about two years I was playing bass more than guitar. Never became a great bassist, though. Now I play it every now and then, get bad blisters on my right hand and still have lotsa fun with it.

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