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Boss Chorus

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This is a Boss half rack effect. That means two of them fit into 1U of a 19" rack. It`s powered by an AC adaptor.
A chorus is a modulated detuner, that means it adds a second sound that changes between a higher and a lower frequency than that of the original signal. This way it approximates the way two instruments sound that are playing the same.
The RCE-10 is a great digital chorus, that allows you to adjust the pre-delay (the delay between the input and the effect signal, a cool feature), the modulation rate and depth and the effect level. Additionally it has a one band equalizer for the chorus. It can be played either in stereo or in mono.
I like this chorus that much that I even got two of them... don`t ask me, why... I have heard, that this effect unit is discontinued, I guess, it was too good for the price.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 22. February 2006