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VOX Wah-Wah
Model V847

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[VOX Wah-Wah]

The wah-wha is kinda one band parametric EQ. It amplifies one frequency band and the frequency is determined by the position of the pedal. The result is pretty obvious. When you push the pedal, it sounds like "wahhh". It kinda imitates the human voice.

IMHO the best place in the effect chain is before the distortion. This way, the wah sounds less harsh.

The Vox Wah-Wah can be adjusted to your taste, since it doesn't use the full range of the internal pot. After removing the bottom lid and pulling back the rod you can turn the gear on the pot's axis a little bit CW or CCW.

The battery is under the same lid. The only drawback is that you can't switch of the wah (except you unplug the guitar chord from the wah). Anyway it seems to last forever.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 22. February 2006