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Ibanez S-2540NT

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I have found the nice guitar in a store, hanging on the wall, nobody was playing it. It looked so sad, that I had so much pity for it, that I finally paid the the ransom to have it released.

It is great, no... grrrrreeeaaat! Very versatile,. beautiful, plays great, sounds good, what else can I say.

It is my first guitar that doesn't get out of tune when I use the whammy bar, since it has a Floyd Rose tuning bridge. The pickups are great (humbucker/singlecoil/humbucker), I get tones from warm and jazzy to screaming bright.

The body is very slim, so it is light as a feather. Nevertheless, this axe provides a good sustain. It's the best Ibnhead, I have ever played.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 22. February 2006